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Carbonara is a very intimidating pasta. The recipes always seem too complicated to make and the ingredients are stranger than our normal pasta ingredients. Here's an easy and simple pasta carbonara recipe! It is not hard to make at all! It is actually very easy and fast to make. No difficult instructions or ingredients.

Pasta Carbonara

This carbonara recipe is easy to follow and easy. If you want to make a fancy dinner for a date or for a night in, this is perfect for you. The crispy bacon provides a salty and crunchy texture that you can't get enough of. If you are a bacon lover, I would add 2 or 3 more slices of bacon! The egg and cheese mix is important because that forms the sauce for the pasta. The pasta water is essential in combining everything together, and it helps cook that egg mixture in there. Make sure you add everything together before the pasta cools down, so It does cook the egg. The garlic and grease mixture helps accentuate the flavors!

My partner and I loved this dish! It was a lot easier to make than we thought it would be. It is perfect for a romantic date night. It is creamy and rich in flavor. Plus there are only a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. I definitely recommend this to someone that is trying to branch out with pasta recipes!


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