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Take a Break and Read some Fun & Popular Trends!


Get Inspired

Create a travel bucket list!

Devote time

Take a break

Create amazing & rewarding experiences

Plan Your Trip

Decide what you want to do!

  • Weekend getaway or 2-week vacation

  • Action-packed or laid-back?

  • Spontaneous or itinerary

  • Faraway destination or closer to home?

  • City, countryside, coast, theme park, ski slopes?

  • Planes, trains, or automobiles? 


Research your destination! 

  • Best places to stay and read  reviews.

  • Walkable distance to transportation, activities, tours, beach, restaurants, cafes, and free things to do!


Set your budget!

  • Travel – tickets or gas

  • Accommodation – lodging

  • Spending money – meals, attractions, shopping


Choose when to go!

  • Remember that not all weekends are equal which can make things pricier – holidays, peak season, spring break, etc.

  • Do you have available time off work?

  • Do you need a sitter – pets and/or children?


Plan and Book in advance!

  • Lodging reservation

  • Plane tickets

  • Restaurants reservation

  • Tours/theme park tickets

  • Rainy day ideas - are your plans weather-dependent?

Packing Guide 

  • Lightweight suitcase

  • Organize your luggage!

  • Your favorite walking shoes

  • One outfit per day (with layers for temperature changes)

  • Out-to-dinner outfit and shoes

  • Pjs and underwear

  • Lightweight day-bag

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen OR Hat, scarf, and gloves

  • Travel-sized toiletries and basic makeup items

  • Universal phone charges

  • Portable battery pack for phone

  • Headphones

  • A Good Book

  • For long car rides, a blanket, and snacks

  • Wallet/cash / passport/tickets

  • Guidebook/map / notes about your destination

Travel Gear

Coming Soon!

Travel Blog
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Plan Your Bucket List

Travel Ideas

  • Go on a cruise

  • Go on safari

  • Celebrate another country’s holiday

  • Hike in a rainforest

  • See penguins in their natural habitat

  • Go to an aquarium

  • Swim with jellyfish

  • Pan for gold

  • Attend a luau

  • Sleep on a houseboat

  • Sleep in a teepee or yurt

  • Stay at a bed and breakfast

  • Stay in a resort hotel

  • Stay in an underwater hotel

  • Stay the night in a treehouse home

  • Stay in an ice hotel

  • Travel in a train

  • See all 7 continents

  • Go wine tasting at a vineyard

  • Visit a butterfly sanctuary

  • See the monarch butterfly migration

  • Visit a castle

  • Visit all 50 US states

  • Walk on a glacier

  • See a glass beach

  • Swim in a hot spring

  • See the northern lights

  • See redwood trees

  • See an alligator in the wild

  • Swim with the dolphins

  • Learn how to hula

  • Go snorkeling

  • Visit an elephant sanctuary

  • Take a hot air balloon ride

  • Go scuba diving

Ideas for Couples

  • Do couples yoga

  • Take your partner on their dream vacation

  • Buy your partner something they’ve been wanting for a long time

  • Get a couples massage for the two of you

  • Buy a house together

  • Host a foreign exchange student

  • Start a new tradition together

  • Write a love letter to your partner

  • Find a way to help your partner make their biggest dreams come true 

  • Go on a double date

  • Visit each other's hometowns

  • Go on a picnic

  • Go on cruise

  • Take up a new hobby together

  • Learn each other's love language

  • Volunteer together

  • Practice random acts of kindness together

  • Dress up in a couples costume for Halloween

  • Learn to dance together

  • Take a class together

  • Go skinny dipping together

  • Do a tandem bike ride

  • Watch a meteor shower together

Fun Ideas

  • Learn to play chess

  • Run a marathon

  • Finish a classic novel

  • Set a Guinness world record

  • Join a bike rave

  • Ride a roller coaster

  • Go sky diving

  • Go bungee jumping

  • Go parasailing

  • Take a friendcation (a trip with friends)

  • See an episode of a TV show live

  • Be in a parade

  • Ride a mechanical bull

  • Go skinny dipping at night

  • See your favorite band in concert

  • Go kayaking

  • Go white water rafting

  • Go ziplining

  • Go hang gliding

  • Ride an ATV

  • Learn how to skateboard

Unique Ideas

  • Donation or volunteering

  • Paint a painting

  • Regenerate 1 acre of soil to help reduce climate change

  • Do a week-long digital detox

  • Go vegetarian or vegan for one month

  • Meditate every day

  • Dye your hair a crazy color

  • Get a tattoo

  • Take a karate class

  • Try acupuncture

  • Conquer a lifelong fear

  • Read a classic novels

  • Become fluent in a new language

  • Learn how to code

  • Ride an e-bike

  • Try ax throwing

  • Knit a sweater or blanket 

  • Learn how to snowboard or ski

  • Learn how to surf

  • Climb a mountain 

  • Grow a  garden

  • Learn how to play an instrument

  • Learn how to drive a stick shift

  • Be on TV

  • Go to a gala or ball

  • Volunteer at the local animal shelter

  • Build a tiny house

Career Ideas

  • Make a video that goes viral

  • Become an expert in your field

  • Mentor someone

  • Master a new work-related skill 

  • Speak at a conference or event

  • Start a purpose-driven business

  • Pursue your passion

  • Lead a major project

  • Write a book 

  • Teach a workshop 

  • Take a job in another country

  • Write a screenplay

  • Send your kids to college

  • Pay off all your debt 

  • Go back to school

  • Start a scholarship fund

  • Become a millionaire

  • Achieve financial independence

  • Retire early

  • Quit your job and do something you love for a year

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