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How-To Save on Gas in 2022

Traveling is off of some Americans' bucket lists this year and here's why-

It's obvious that gas prices have risen to a new extreme as we entered 2022. I want to share some How-Tos for saving on Gas this year. There are several different methods to saving, such as couponing, rewards, memberships, location, and more! Let's find a way that works for you the best!

Fuel Points

There are several different reward systems that can get you saving on gas in no time! The most common rewards come from, you guessed it, our grocery stores! Most grocery stores with a gas pump location have a rewards system. My nearby grocery store, Kroger, has a great rewards system. How it works is you create a rewards account, then you scan your member card or type in your phone number while checking out after buying groceries, and then they send points to your gas rewards. Kroger claims them to 1 fuel point earned for every $1 spent. As long as you are consistently buying your groceries there, you should be racking up those points in no time. I've saved 10, 20, and sometimes even 30 cents per gallon on some of my gas trips. This is my favorite way because you are earning the fuel points while doing something you would normally do anyway!


Memberships to some of our favorite bulk stores normally offer some discounted gas. At stores such as Costco or Sams Club, the gas is member-exclusive prices. I have noticed these prices are between 10-20 cents lower than the average gas station. They normally offer some more member-exclusive perks as well. I currently have a Costco membership and I enjoy the free samples, prices, food court, and, of course, the gas prices. During the rising inflation, this membership has helped out with the cost of gas.


Location can make the world a difference when finding a gas station with good prices. The GasBuddy app is one of the best resources to find gas prices at surrounding gas stations. You can also check prices at gas stations for a trip route or in another part of the state/country. I was at a gas station once that had a significantly lower price than surrounding gas stations. I'm not sure why, but it was about 20 cents cheaper! Also by google searching nearby gas stations, most of the time the gas prices for that location are posted right next to it.

These are the best methods to use when it comes to saving money on gas in 2022. Traveling has been stalled for many Americans as the gas prices skyrocket each month. Staying somewhere local is sometimes the only option. At this point in the inflation crisis, even flights have been jumping in price. I hope these tips help you to save some money in these hard times, and maybe even allow you to travel!


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