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Last year, we took an amazing trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We had a spectacular time. So, let me tell you how to have a great time there!

We stayed at this beautiful cabin in Pigeon Forge. Air BNB is always a must-have app when trying to book a stay anywhere. We love the choices and availability. The view we had was astonishing! The cabin was great, it even had a jacuzzi. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the place. That's always been one of my biggest concerns with Air BNB's.

After checking out the cabin, we went adventuring into town. Let me tell you what, Pigeon Forge is my own little Vegas strip! It was the ultimate tourist destination. There were big lights everywhere, mini-golfing, adventure parks, restaurants, shops, museums, everything! I was sitting in on the passenger side, yelling and pointing everywhere!

After some adventuring, we had dinner at The Old Mill. The restaurant obviously had a huge mill on the side!

It was very spacious inside and packed. We had to wait half an hour outside in the freezing cold before getting in. But once we did, I knew the wait had been worth it. I got the meatloaf dinner. The portions here were huge. And, the food was good. Really good! I cannot wait to go back here. There was a bridge and it was covered in Christmas lights. With the mill and the river... Simply Beautiful! I definitely recommend going here.

Next to The Old Mill were a few other stores. Including a blacksmith, handmade pottery store, and a candy store. I of course had to grab some fudge, which is always yummy. We then stopped at a winery called the Mill Bridge Winery. I had just turned 21 in October, and it was now November, so I had to go explore the winery! They had hard cider which is our favorite. At the time, they were doing free samples of anything you wanted, so we literally tried every single hard cider. I think we walked out of there a little buzzed. We got some normal hard cider, along with pomegranate, and blueberry. Very Delicious! After that, we went shopping in a few souvenir shops and bought some shot glasses, a magnetic for our famous trip board, and some other stuff.

We also ate at a few other places while we were there. The Local Goat had amazing food for dinner. I got some pasta, and my partner got a burger with fries. We also had gotten a delicious fondue appetizer.

For breakfast, we went to Brick&Spoon, where I had my first mimosa! I now know I am not a fan of mimosas. The food was alright here, but nothing special. The building had a modern and fresh vibe to it. Another breakfast place we stopped at was Flapjack's Pancake Cabin. We kept seeing them everywhere, so we thought we should probably hit one up. The food was delicious here and I loved the energy. It was a family-friendly place with warm vibes. It was great!

To end the trip, a little crystal store caught my eye. Little River Gem Mine was a blast! we spent around $250 on mining buckets to sift in a troll outside. The water was freezing but it was worth it. I found so many amazing crystals and gems. The lady working was so kind, she helped me identify them and spent time talking with us. They had tons of magnificent huge and small specimen pieces. I also got a sodalite ring and a palm crystal. I loved this crystal shop so much and would love to go back and spend all my savings!

On our drive to Tennessee, we tried stopping at the Mayfield Ice Cream factory. Unfortunately, we were there the only day they are closed! We still made sure to snag a picture with the biggest cow I've ever seen! It was a gorgeous drive through Tennessee to get to our destination. The mountains were outstanding, and the leaves had already changed color for the year. I loved this trip. It was a very enjoyable drive with all the scenic sites.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was phenomenal. I enjoyed the trip so much. I truly hope we can go back soon. The views, food, shops, hard cider, and tourist destinations were all worth it. I cannot wait to go back here! If you ever go, make sure to go during a holiday; the lights on the streets are breathtaking!


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