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Garlic bread goes great with any dish! I love getting bread at a restaurant or at the store. But I love homemade garlic bread with bread made from scratch even more! Garlic bread is one of the easiest appetizers or sides you can make. With there only being five ingredients total! It really is as easy as mixing up some stuff, spreading it on bread, and popping it into the oven. Plus, it is one of the cheapest foods to make.


Garlic Bread

I love the simplicity of this recipe because it really does only take a few ingredients to make it. Garlic bread is the best food ever! I can never get enough. My recipe is fully vegan. This bread would pair well with almost any dinner dish. You can also add things to it, such as tomatoes and mozzarella. The spices I use are what I prefer for garlic bread, but you are more than welcome to add in or take away. The garlic salt is very important because if you do not add enough, it doesn't give it a strong enough flavor.


One of the biggest aspects I try to focus on with my recipes is that, is it affordable? Recipes like this garlic bread are easy and simple. Yet it brings a great addition to a meal and tastes amazing. If you don't want to make your own homemade bread, you can go to the grocery store, buy a loaf of bread for less than $2, and make this. You most likely already have the spices, garlic, and olive oil at home. Then it only takes 5 min to get crunchy in the oven. Another way I like to have this is by dipping the untoasted bread right into the oil mixture. Any way you want it, you will now have an amazingly delicious, and quick side!



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