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Bread comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. I love bread so much that decided to make my own! My bread recipe can be used for sandwiches, Italian-style bread with pasta, cheese with jam, or even for breakfast. I used my bread for garlic bread, and to be used with some fresh strawberry jam! The recipe below makes two big loaves of bread to last your family throughout a week or two. It is easy, budget friendly, and best of all... delicious! This bread is also vegan-friendly. I can't wait to jump into the world of bread with you!


Homemade Bread

I love seeing all the different kinds of bread as I walk through the grocery store. Guessing which one will have a crunchy outside. Which one will still be warm or what it will be eaten with.

I made a white bread that has those wonderful traits. I wanted to make bread to go well with any dish I make. The main trick to making this bread is waiting for it to rise. Mixing in all the ingredients after activating the yeast is very easy. Tons of people think it is hard to make bread, but it is actually one of the simplest foods to make. I chose to do one slit down the middle of the bread for a simplistic look, but you can do any design you want. In my next bread recipe, I will show some different styles. The loaves should stay fresh throughout a week to two weeks in an airtight bag. You can also freeze them for a few months.

I love that this one recipe can be used for millions of other meals. You should be able to find all these ingredients in your cabinet; you may need to go get the nutritional yeast and active dry yeast though. Active dry yeast can be found in the baking section at the grocery store, usually in small packets. Nutritional yeast is normally found there as well or in the spices aisle. That ingredient is optional though.


I have always been a bread, cheese, and pasta type of woman. I could probably find a way to eat all three at every meal if it were a healthier combination. This bread was great! I loved the crunchy outer layer, along with the soft inside. I am going to do some research and bring a ton more bread recipes to my blog. I can't wait to try out different methods and kinds of bread. My garlic bread recipe will be up soon since I used this special bread for the recipe. You can always find a way to be creative with your food, but some recipes should be simple so they can turn into other yummy foods too!



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