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Rice and beans are made in a million different ways. Let's make it the easiest and simplest way. This recipe for rice and beans is the cheapest recipe I have made and is super filling. You can also double or triple the recipe easily for a large family while staying on that budget! The best part is that it's super yummy and vegan!

Rice and Beans

I love this recipe because it is fast to make after work or school, for any amount of people. It takes 15 min to cook the rice and to warm up the beans. This can be made for anyone including kids. It is really easy to figure out what kind of spices you want to use. You have to season it because there is little to no flavor with just the rice and beans. I like to use Garlic and Herb or Southwest Chipotle seasoning. You can also add garlic salt, pepper, onion powder, or anything you want! I also add soy sauce to mine for that salty flavor and so it isn't so dry after the seasonings.

This is a simple vegan recipe that is so yummy. It takes 15 min to make and it as easy as throwing everything in a pot with water! Well, only for the rice. Everyone in my house seasons theirs differently so you can really try and make your own flavors with this. Sometimes I even like to put the mixture into a tortilla wrap or make it into tacos/burritos. A bag of rice normally costs only $1.50, the beans cost only $1.00 per can, and the spices usually range from $2-4. Making this meal less than $5! It's easy, delicious, and vegan!


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