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Barbeque is always one of those foods that is a hit or miss. This pulled pork recipe is definitely a hit! I was wildly surprised when I tried a bite of it. It's juicy, tender, and overall great barbeque! My favorite thing about this dish is that you do not need a crazy big smoker or grill. All you need is your handy dandy crockpot/slow cooker. Along with 5 hours and some ingredients. It's as easy as throwing everything together and carrying on with your day until it's done. I love this pulled pork and I think you will too!

Pulled Pork

I cannot stress how easy this recipe is. You still get that smoky and tasty flavor from cooking it in the slow cooker. I used a vinegar-based barbeque sauce, but you can use absolutely any kind you want, preferably your favorite. I put my pulled pork on some toasted buns. You want to heat up a frying pan, butter the buns very lightly, and toast them on the pan for a minute or so. I also ate it on its own, and it was so good! You can also play around with the spices, but these ones worked best for my recipe. The meat is extremely tender and flavorful!

This recipe is going to be used so much over this summer for gatherings or just on a nice weekend for a delicious meal. Any time I crave barbeque, it is very hard to find a place I can really enjoy. When I lived in Kansas for a couple of years, there was an amazing barbeque restaurant called the Stagecoach. They had the best barbeque I have ever had, full of different meats like pork and brisket. I will have to attempt making brisket this summer, but for now, this pulled pork will give me nostalgia from my favorite place by Kansas. I hope you try this recipe and add it to your favorites!


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