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This pasta has been going viral non-stop! There is a good reason for that though. After I put my own flare on it, I couldn't get enough of it! It is creamy and smooth. The tomato's and feta cheese fit perfectly together as they blend into the bow tie pasta! The best part about it... how EASY it is. It's so simple, just throwing ingredients together, into the oven, and mix with pasta. Bada Bing Bada Boom! The best pasta you'll ever eat!

Feta Pasta

Feta Pasta is a small mix of ingredients. I tried a low-fat feta cheese block, and it did not come out as good. I would suggest just using the normal feta cheese, but if you want it a tiny bit more healthy, use the low fat and add more salt to achieve the flavor. Mixing the tomatoes and cheese together after it has baked can be a little tricky. The tomatoes can burst a little while crushing. Use a wide spoon head or even a fork to mash everything together, but be gentle with the tomatoes at first. I like adding fresh parsley to the top of my dish.

Pasta is such a versatile food to work with. There are hundreds of different combinations and methods to use. It is also from all around the world, differing in flavors and textures. This pasta is a mix of fresh and indulging ingredients. The sun-dried tomatoes add this extra taste to it that makes it even more unique in flavor. Feta pasta has a very original taste to it, it almost tastes like parmesan. I love this new viral pasta, and I hope you will too!


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