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Deviled eggs are so unique because of the diversity of recipes for them! Some people put bacon in them or even relish. I decided to spice mine up by adding some neat ingredients. These were so delicious and addictive! Plus they are easy and quick to make! Deviled Eggs are a classic snack!

Deviled Eggs

This was so fun to figure out what ingredients make the perfect deviled eggs. I see all the other chefs putting in traditional ingredients. So, I decided to create my own recipe! My main secret ingredients that made the difference, are the pickle juice and honey mustard. The smoked paprika is always a good spice to put in deviled eggs (and everything else)! You can add anything special into your deviled eggs, or put toppings on them like bacon or crunchy dried onions.

Deviled eggs are super easy to make, you just make hard-boiled eggs and then take the insides and mix them with other ingredients. Then put it back into the eggs! I love that we can be creative with them too. I tried putting mine into a fancy piping bag to make the mixture look better in the eggs, but mine was too liquidy. I suggest not mixing this too much. They are really addicting to eat, and are great for a gathering or just to eat alone while watching a movie!


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