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In the bakery section at the grocery store, one of my favorite treats is fruit pastries. Raspberry pastry bites are on the top of my list along with apple turnovers! I decided to go ahead and make them myself instead of running to the store every time I want a bite! Plus, the store I go to stopped selling vegan ones, so I had to make them vegan for my mom to enjoy too!


Raspberry Pastry Bites

These taste just like the store's version! I wanted to incorporate my delicious pie crust from my Apple Pie recipe, so I made the crust to be the pastry dough. I used the exact same recipe. I was worried, but it actually was perfect for pastry crust. I definitely want to use it in the future for other pastries. You can make the pie crust with regular butter, but I used vegan butter so they would be fully vegan. I pinched the edges to close the filling in, but you can use any technique you want. I will try out more and show everyone later on what I can find. The raspberry filling I made for this was filled with ingredients I felt would go best with the raspberries. Turns out, cornstarch is the secret ingredient to making anything thicker, such as fruit filling, or sauces. I didn't want too many seeds to be in the filling, so I mashed the raspberries and strained them. The juice seemed a little boring though, hence I added a small scoop of the raspberry pulp into the juice. That way it could thicken up better too. The tiny amount of seeds go unnoticed while eating them, so don't worry about getting too many in a bite. I really wanted to add something on top of these, but all I had was plain white sugar. I will definitely be getting some large sugar sprinkles for these. I plan to use sugar topping like that for some yummy muffins and other pastries as well. The raspberry pastry bites came out super flaky, moist, and fruity. I loved them! My mom did too!


These were really easy to make. I would like to use apples in these next time, along with other fruits. Vegan foods are something of the future I feel. As we all grow up and learn more about the environment and our health, more people are turning to vegetarianism and veganism. I tried to go vegetarian once, and it wasn't all that bad. I didn't have as much cooking knowledge as I do now though. So, that made it very hard for me to find or make foods that fit those restrictions. Ever since my mom decided to be vegan, and I started cooking, I make vegan recipes all the time. The best part about them is that you really can make anything you want, it just may require some substitutions. So far, I have been able to substitute all the ingredients needed for all the recipes I make. I always try to link the vegan substitute ingredients in my blog so everyone can save the hassle of finding them. Plus, you would be surprised about how many dishes are already vegan and you don't know it because it isn't advertised to be vegan. I know changing your lifestyle can be hard, but it isn't impossible. For now, I will continue making recipes for every lifestyle. Now, enjoy these amazing raspberry pastry bites, and save some for your family. They're good!



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