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Apple pie is one of the most versatile pies you can make. You can make it with different apples, different times of the year, and even different crusts. This Apple Pie recipe is my all-time favorite pie. It is better than any pie I have ever had at any restaurant or bakery. The crust is buttery and flaky with a delicious crunch. The apple filling is gooey and warm. The cinnamon crumbles topping... that's where it is. Get ready for the best apple pie ever!

Apple Pie

This apple pie truly is yummy and easy to make. I kept waiting for a hard step in the process, but there never was one! Picking your apples is an important part, so I picked one of my two favorite apples, honeycrsip. You can also do any other apple you choose, remember this is your apple pie! The best crust to use with this is my Flaky Crust recipe below. It is the best crust I have ever had. It held up its flakiness even after a few days after making the pie. Plus, this crust is really easy and budget-friendly. Making things at home from scratch really does taste better. The crumbly topping is really good, and I suggest using it on other pastries and baked goods as well. Overall, this pie is really good and such a good treat. Oh, did I mention, it's vegan!

Flaky Crust

This flaky crust is easy and fun to make. With it only taking an hour in the fridge to chill, rather than that it does not take too much time at all. My secret trick for this crust to make it so good is the cinnamon I added to it. I used vegan butter so that my mom could eat it with us. We all loved this pie. You can cook the pie crust on its own for a no-bake pie filling. I never have before, but from a quick google search, you can use pie weights for the middle of the crust so it doesn't puff up while baking. I did not have a butter cutting tool, so I used a sturdy baking spatula to cut the butter quickly. The design I used for the edges of the crust was big pinches. You don't have to put a fancy design, but you can if you want to! I love the texture of this crunchy pie crust. It's light and buttery.

My apple pie recipe was so good, I will probably be making another one for Easter! I love that my whole family could enjoy it since I made it vegan. Everyone loved the pie because all the ingredients meshed perfectly together. I like baking spices, so I added a ton anywhere I could. Like I did in the crust. I have never added spices to a pie crust before, but I thought why not? It came out amazing, along with the pie filling and topping. This pie is great for beginners. It's easy and only takes a few ingredients. This pie is great for any time of the year, including all the seasons!


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