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Want to spice up your mashed potato game? Here's a recipe for you. These mashed potatoes are delicious on their own but better with some extra ingredients. Crispy bacon pieces, crunchy dried onions, and smooth shredded cheese. With smoked paprika of course! This is a super easy side dish or main dish recipe for potato lovers!

Mashed Potatoes Twist

These are some savory and yummy mashed potatoes! They are so good! The bacon adds a salty crunch. The cheese adds, well, cheese. And those onions add crunch and a delicious onion flavor. I love making my mashed potatoes smooth and creamy. I do this by hand mashing them and adding butter. You can make your chunky if you want, that how I have to make my mom's, plus I use vegan butter in hers. The smoked paprika adds a wonderful spice to it that is smoky and rich.

I have been a little stressed lately, so mashed potatoes were on the top of my list for comfort foods. These were so good and addicting. I will definitely be making more. I have already made them three times this month! I recommend adding more bacon to this, like two or three more strips. You can add parmesan cheese to them instead of the Mexican-style cheese if you want. My favorite part about these is that they are really easy and simple to make. Enjoy!


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