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Love stuffed peppers, but don't like the process of making them? Well, try my homemade version of a stuffed pepper! This recipe tastes just like a stuffed pepper, but better and much easier. It makes a full serving for a small family, and is cost-friendly! Plus it is super filling and will leave you satisfied!

Emily's Yellow Pepper Mix

This recipe is one to save for when you need something yummy and healthy to eat. It is a vegan/vegetarian-friendly recipe. You can also add beef if you want to, just remember it will be non-vegan. The smoked paprika really makes this dish shine as it gives it a smoky and grounded flavor. I like to add Mexican-style shredded cheese on top of mine at the end. You can add vegan cheese, or no cheese at all as well. This is a very simple recipe that you can add or take away from, letting it still be delicious. Even adding corn is an option. I have not tried other peppers in this, but I'm sure they taste good too! I was never a fan of peppers until I made this. Just play with your ingredients till you find something you like!

My mom is the only one in the house that practices a vegan lifestyle. She has a hard time finding nutritious foods, so I make 1-3 dishes for her every week. I try lots of new recipes and create some too! I make them as delicious as possible, so everyone wants some. This way we are eating healthy and being satisfied by the meal. I make anything vegan from soups, sandwiches, and even cakes. She loves everything I've made so far, and everyone else does too! I like being versatile with my recipes; that way everyone can enjoy them!


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