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Try this delicious version of sausage gravy, only this time... its got bacon! Homemade biscuits will be coming soon, but for now, let's focus on making killer gravy for them! This is a super simple breakfast recipe to make for a weekend morning with the family. Or alone if you want to keep it all for yourself!

Bacon Gravy & Biscuits

This is a wonderful recipe for someone who wants to venture out into making breakfast dishes. It makes a lot, is easy, and really cheap. I actually made mine too thick, so you really do want to be careful adding in that flour. Make sure you add it in a tiny bit at a time. Then stir and wait for a second to see how thick it gets. Add your milk to thin it out. Some people like it thin and some like it thick. If you like it thin, then do a tiny bit of flour and a lot of milk. For thick, add a little more flour and less milk. Salt and pepper are the best spices for this dish, but add whatever you want! The crispier the bacon, the better it is. Getting a crunchy piece of bacon in a bite is amazing! You can always add more bacon; sausage can be used for this recipe as well.

I had never been a fan of biscuits and gravy until a couple of months ago. Then I cooked it once and now I'm hooked. It is a hearty breakfast to keep you full all day long. It may take a couple of times to perfect the recipe, but it will be worth it to have that go-to recipe.


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