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Hey Guys! I have always loved rocks and now I am making TikTok posts every week about different mining bags from some of my favorite crystal companies. I love all types of crystals, and the two companies I purchase from have the best selection in their mining bags. My two favorite companies are Declan's Mining Co. and Kids Love Rocks.

Kids Love Rocks was the first company I had bought and made my viral TikToks from. I had gotten a ton of cool crystals and fossils from them! Plus, the prices were great. Ever since then, my TikTok had blown up and everyone comes to watch my talk about crystals and rocks. Which I have loved. I got pieces from them like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Shark Teeth, and even Arrow Heads. Along with a ton of really unique pieces. In their most recent Halloween Bonanza Box, I got huge pieces of Amethyst, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline! They also included cool Halloween skulls and Orange Calcite. Kids Love Rocks has a TikTok account that they post on and have reposted a few of my mining bag videos for their followers to see what's in them! They are really nice and a great business.

Declan's Mining Co. also sent me their Halloween Bucket! In their bucket, they included a tumbled ghost, Black Tourmaline, an Agate Slice, and more! I was really impressed with the variety of crystals that came in it. This company has been awesome since the first purchase I made from them. I got one of their standard mining buckets, and I was totally impressed! Tons of different crystals, and a few fossils like Shark Teeth and Arrow Heads. They do a great job of being active on their TikTok almost every day! They post videos of them making their mining buckets and everyone's orders from their site. Plus, they go live sometimes and you get to chat with the owner. Everyone there is super nice and sweet to everyone. They always try their best to reply to the comments on their videos which is awesome. They are a small business, named after her oldest son. The company blew up on TikTok and ever since has been successful and booming! I am extremely excited for their Winter Bucket to come out this December! Below is a picture of what came in the Halloween Mining Bucket from Declan's Mining Co.

I also purchase rock sifting bags from places I travel to such as Little River Gem Mine in Pigeon Forge, TN, and Knoebel's Amusement Park in PA. Plus a couple of crystal stores like PezRocks in Blue Ridge GA. In my opinion, crystal shops are one of the most magical places on Earth! I always try to post a video on TikTok of my finds!

Making crystals videos has been such a blast. I started making a couple of different categories such as The Mining Table and Rock Adventures. I have loved making crystal content and plan on continuing to make rock content!


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