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The first holiday cookie of the season is... drum roll, please... Hot Chocolate Cookies! These cookies bring joy to your tastebuds in seconds! Not to mention they are adorable with tiny little marshmallows and chocolate chips peeking out. I had never made these cookies before this, but let me tell you, these will knock your socks off! Let's get baking!

Hot Chocolate Cookie Recipe

These cookies are fun and easy to make. The only time-consuming part is sifting through hot chocolate packets for mini marshmallows. The reason we can't just use normal mini marshmallows is that they would be sticky and melt everywhere. Whereas Mallow Bits stay composted throughout the baking process. I couldn't find a package of them on their own, so I had to buy the hot chocolate packs with them inside. Pour them through a strainer and boom! Mallow Bits! Then save the hot cocoa for some warm festive drinks later with your cookies!

It is very important to chill the cookies before baking them. By doing this, it firms up the dough so they don't spread out as much while cooking. If they did spread out, they would be more likely to burn.

I really enjoyed making these cookies, along with the 23 other cookie recipes I made! Hot Chocolate Cookies are a crowd-pleaser. Plus they are very unique compared to other recipes. Before doing my research, I hadn't known there was such a thing as putting hot cocoa into cookies! I am glad did though because I can now add this recipe to my top 10 favorite cookies!

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!


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