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This recipe is probably my favorite of all time! This banana bread is a delicious dessert or even breakfast. It is very easy to make and only takes a little over an hour. It is very moist and is one of those comfort foods to eat whenever you want. This recipe is wonderful for those old, ripe bananas sitting on your counter that you're about to throw away! Instead of wasting them, let's make bread! Everyone I make it for always loves it. And always asks for more!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I cannot stress enough how AMAZING this banana bread is! It is super simple to make and it makes so much! I would say it can make up to 10 slices. The bananas don't have to be extremely ripe, but the more brown and ripe they are, the better. And the easier they will be to mash up. The chocolate chips can also be changed to a different kind of chocolate, like dark chocolate. Any of these ingredients can be changed for different food preferences or allergies (maybe not the bananas). Such as changing the butter to vegan butter, eggs to apple sauce, and the chocolate chips to vegan chocolate chips instead! Don't be afraid to experiment with your food. At the end of the day, remember that one mistake may ruin your bread, but won't ruin your life. Just make another!

This chocolate chip banana bread actually came across me when my boyfriend would not stop bothering me to make him some. His mom always makes it for him, but he moved away a couple of years ago. So I make it for him for special occasions or when he feels homesick. Seeing that my cooking makes someone else happy, is enough to make me happy. Not to mention this bread is always so scrumptious and delicious! I always have to have an extra bite. Or else you might catch me snacking on it in the middle of the night! Good for any occasion! Enjoy this one, and definitely keep this recipe. Seriously, go make it!


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