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These are the perfect cookies for this Holiday Season! They contain tons of candy canes bits and white chocolate chips! I love an easy cookie recipe that showcases a delicious cookie. Candy Canes give these cookies perfect crisp and fresh flavor. While the white chocolate adds a smooth and creamy texture. If you love candy canes or just cookies in general, this is the recipe for you!

Let's Get Baking!

White Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie Recipe

This cookie recipe is so simple and easy. I love when a cookie recipe stays in one bowl, that way you don't have to use a ton of bowls and have more dishes later on. There is no chilling required for these cookies. Don't forget to grab some Shortening and Peppermint Extract at the store! These resemble a classic sugar cookie but with way more flavor and textures! This is the best cookie for a candy cane lover. Plus, they are not overbearing, so anyone will most likely like them. I was a little worried about how much peppermint would be in them, but I loved them! They are a nice change from basic cookies.

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!


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