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Want something sweet for your Valentine this February? Try these mini heart cakes! I used a red velvet recipe from scratch. It came out amazing! Also, I used a cream cheese-based frosting that is smooth and delicious. Making something homemade is so much better than something store-bought. Plus with a global pandemic, you know who has been around the food being made, making it safer to eat! Try this easy and scrumptious recipe for this Valentine's Day!

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

This Red Velvet cake is amazing for any occasion. You can use different sized cake pans to make birthday cakes, holiday cakes, or even a wedding cake! Make sure to check that the cake is not undercooked or overcooked depending on the pan size and amount of pans you do use. Using non-stick cooking spray on the pans is essential!! Most recipes call for the spray then parchment paper before putting the batter in, but parchment paper always burns when I use it. It is the strangest thing but oh well. This cake is super moist and delicious for any and all occasions. Great for Red Velvet lovers!

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Cream cheese frosting is a blessing for any dessert. But red velvet cake is the best to be paired with. This cream cheese frosting is smooth and delicate. The creamy texture makes for an amazing, and balanced bite in your mouth! Always make sure to sift the powdered sugar in any recipe. Leaving behind any sugar clumps will cause clumpy frosting. It will look messy and have a different texture. Also, ensure your butter and cream cheese are at room temperature so they can blend easier together. Enjoy this fun and easy recipe!

Mini Heart Cake Assembly

After you have made your cake and frosting. You want to make sure your Red Velvet cake is cooled down. Taking a heart-shaped cookie cutter and make hearts out of the cake. When you are cutting out the hearts, use your space wisely, start from one side and work your way to the other, and repeat on the next row of hearts. From top to bottom of the cake, in rows.

Once you have all the hearts cut out, your can get your frosting ready. Get a piping bag and piping tip around. I like to use a simple round tip, the Wilton brand. You can use any brand and any size you want. Even using textured tips can create more fun looks on your cakes. The first thing you do is cut the tip of your bag and insert a coupler ( a coupler is something that holds the tip in place while piping!). The next thing you do is assemble the coupler and tip it onto the piping bag. Using a spoon or spatula, fill a piping bag. Push the frosting down the bag to the tip, try not to push any to the top of the bag, or else it will spill out. The Wilton bags have a fill line so this is less likely to happen while piping. Other bags, such as from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, normally do not have a fill line, so look to make sure you do not fill to the top of those bags.

Once you have your cake hearts, and your piping bags assembled and full of frosting, we can start putting the mini cakes together! You want to take one heart and lay it flat, take your piping bag, and pipe medium dots all over the top surface of the cake. Make sure to fill the surface area. Then, take another piece of cake and place it on top. This time, make sure the dots are neat and evenly placed across the cake since this is the top that everyone will see. after you have placed the cakes and piped the frosting, you are done! serve right away or put in the fridge for 1-3 days! Enjoy these simple and fun Mini Valentines Day Cakes!


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