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Strawberry cake is one of my favorite treats to make! It is one of the more superior cake flavors. It is light, and unique in flavor. My strawberry cake recipe is perfect for spring and summer. To go with the best strawberry cake is strawberry buttercream! I even add some strawberry roses on top! To top off this deliciousness, it is vegan too. I love this cake recipe because it isn't too sweet. It is perfect for having just one more piece of that yummy cake. This cake is moist, and scrumptious with fresh strawberries and a rustic look that could make anyone's mouth water!


Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cake is my favorite kind of cake! This recipe makes it easy for anyone to make a delicious strawberry cake. It doesn't only look good, it tastes good too. I had just gotten some fresh strawberries from Southern Belle Farm and wanted to create something fun with them. I incorporated them into a fully strawberry-flavored cake! With natural flavoring instead of strawberry extract. When you puree the strawberries, make sure they come out thick but not thick enough to be a jelly consistency. You also don't want it to be too thin either. When you blend them, blend just until the bigger chunks are gone. You can always put them into the blender and pulse them until you think it is good. Remember, you're the chef of your kitchen. So make what feels right to you! You can add extra flavors to this as well, such as cinnamon. Cinnamon is always my go-to spice for everything, but I really wanted the strawberries to shine in this one. This recipe is fully vegan as well. The buttercream is very simple as you just add everything together and mix! The part I love most about this cake is that the imperfections, make it look amazing. The strawberry pieces in the frosting and the swirly design I added make it look rustic and appetizing. I think strawberry roses are the coolest thing ever, so I had to add some on the top. One of the strawberries even had a stem to make it look like a full rose! I love this cake and I think you will too!


I had a great time making this cake and going to the strawberry fields. My partner came along with me for a photoshoot! The environment at the farm was inviting and open. I honestly love it. I cannot wait to go there for the peach season (stay tuned for peach recipes then). They have a small market full of preservatives and merchandise. I obviously had to grab a shirt, tote bag, and some jellies! Making food from scratch with fresh food tastes better than prepackaged food. There is a flavor that makes you feel more at home, and it feels good to eat something homemade. It is also great to know what is going into your body to fuel you. Your body does so much for you, so help it out by going to get some fresh fruits and veggies at a local small business to make some amazing recipes! Good luck and save this strawberry cake recipe for later! Or make it now!


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