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I have never had a more delicious cookie! Have you ever heard of Muddy Buddys? That yummy snack of Chex, covered in chocolate and peanut butter. Oh! Powdered sugar too! Now, you can make cookies that taste just like those, but even better! A melty chocolate center, around a soft peanut butter cookie, with a touch of soft sugar on top. What could be more perfect?

Let's Get Baking!

Muddy Buddy Cookie Recipe

I am still astonished about how easy it was to make such a fun and good cookie! The recipe is very simple as it only takes some ingredients in two different bowls. Then combine the two mixes. Baking, then filling the cookies up with chocolate! Don't forget to dust them with some powdered sugar. It really is the cherry on top.

You do not have to add any oil to the chocolate chips when melting them, but I prefer to. Make sure you let these cookies cool fully on the pan or else they won't cook enough. Even after you take cookies out of the oven, they can continue to slightly keep cooking on the cookie sheet.

I have never been a big fan of peanut butter, let alone peanut butter cookies. But when I took a bite of these. Oh, man! These are one of the most delicious cookies I have ever had before. I can't believe I was missing out on these all my life. That's how truly good these are. I hope you try these out because you won't regret it!

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!


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