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This recipe is easy and great for the holidays. They are playful and elegant at the same time. Making them great for the family and parties! They look amazing and taste even better. With only a few steps, you could be enjoying some delicious sugar cookies in no time. Let's go bake!

Drop Style Sugar Cookies Recipe

I love the simplicity of these cookies. The recipe is easy, the taste is perfect, and the look is adorable. I'm honestly obsessed with these cookies. The texture is light and fluffy. The sprinkles are a little crunchy here and there, but not in an overbearing type of way.

Originally, was going to go with ling sprinkles, like the kind you put on an ice cream sundae. But, I actually forgot to get them at the store! I found some Nonpareils sprinkles instead. As you can see, they were Christmas colored, which was great! I think they came out perfectly for a simple holiday sugar cookie.

It is super important to chill them in the fridge for so long. This way, they won't spread when you bake them. Instead, they stay fluffy and soft. If you want chewy and crispy cookies, you could try only chilling them for 30 minutes instead.

These cookies turned out great! I cannot wait to make these every year as I bake cookies as a Christmas tradition at my house! I can't get over how cute they look. I think I even liked these better than cut-out sugar cookies!

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!


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