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Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies are the most elegant and unique cookies I have ever made. And trust me, I've made a lot of cookies! I make my cookies in a Vegan version so my mom can enjoy them too! This recipe is versatile and can swing either way when it comes to dietary preferences.

Let's Get Baking!

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

I love this recipe because of its short ingredient list and its taste, of course! I use substitutes to make mine Vegan because these are my mother's favorite kinds of cookies. I substitute butter and milk for plant-based options. I can never tell the difference! Don't forget to chill them in the fridge for at least 2 hours, that way they won't spread while baking. Then they can come out moist and soft.

Ever since my mom switched over to being Vegan, the food in our household has changed drastically. We have three different kinds of milk and butter in the fridge now! She is not much of a baker or cook. Luckily for her, I am! I try to include different recipes for different lifestyles on this blog. Because I know how hard it can be to switch from one diet to another. My mom is Vegan, my step-dad is a carnivore, and I am somewhere in between! At least these cookies can go both ways! They are easy, delicious, and unique!

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!

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