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Some classic Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies hit the right spot during the holiday season. This traditional recipe has been around every Christmas for as long as I can remember. There is nothing like pulling out a warm cookie with a melty chocolate topping and taking a nice big bite! Not only are they scrumptious, but the recipe is very easy to follow along.

Let's Get Baking!

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie Recipe

I love making these cookies because it is a one-bowl recipe. As in, you only need one bowl to make them! These cookies are where the two best flavors meet, peanut butter and chocolate. I love the taste of these cookies and they look so amazing.

It is very important to add the Hershey Kisses to the tops right when the cookies come out of the oven. If you want, the cookies will harden and it will break the cookie if you try to shove the chocolate on later.

I had these cookies a lot growing up in a household of 5 because they are nice and simple. Everyone loves them and they make for delicious treats. They're great for any time of the year, but as you most likely already know, cookies during the holidays are just better!

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Now let's make some more cookies! See you tomorrow!


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