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Cheesecake has always been a traditional dessert, that pleases everyone! Any time we would go out to a restaurant when I was younger, I would order it for dessert. Now, I can happily make my own at home! My recipe is very simple and easy. Plus it is flexible, meaning you can make your cheesecakes any flavor... or color! I chose to make mine for the 4th of July this year, and they came out amazing!


Mini Cheesecakes

My favorite thing about these cheesecakes, rather than how good they are, is that it is so easy to make them. With only a few ingredients, they take no time at all. Except when you have to let them set afterward. I wanted to make some type of food that was red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. For Memorial Day, I made tye-dyed cupcakes, so I figured why not do that again but with cheesecake! The crust was easy to make and I can't wait to use the same crust recipe for pies and cheesecakes in the future. Combining the filling ingredients was easy, but the step I went wrong with was not filling the cups with the same amount. Since I was doing normal white ones, and colorful ones, I didn't realize how uneven they were. You want to make sure you fill them up with the same amount so they all cook properly. Using cupcake liners for this was a life saver. They made clean up a breeze and also allowed everyone to enjoy them mess free! The foil ones are my favorite because they are formed enough so the liners don't bend all over and make the cheesecakes uneven.

The cheesecakes looked amazing when I was done! I was able to make some really awesome tye-dyed ones and some simple white too. The taste of these though.... oh man! They tasted elegant and rich. The texture in every bite was phonominal, with the crunch of the crust and the velvety filling. I cannot wait to make more cheesecakes, with different flavors!


Cheesecake has always seemed like one of those desserts that I would never be able to bake. I thought it was complicated and hard. Turns out, it was the easiest dessert ever! I let a few friends try them, and everyone couldn't get enough! They are really great for all seasons. I look forward to making some with fruit topping, different flavors, and anything else my little creative mind comes up with!

Fall will be having tons of different recipes coming, so stay tuned for some great food for everyone!



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