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Alright guys, this Cirkul water bottle has been taking the internet by storm. So lets talk about it!

I was able to contact the company asking about the bottle and seeing if they could send me one (I will explain how to do that in my Social Media blog). They were very nice about it, and they were more than happy to send me one plus a few flavor cartridges of my choice! I received a package the following week containing the bottle, and six flavor cartridges. All for free! So the first thing I did was make a few posts on Instagram and TikTok about unboxing it. Now, it was time to actually try out the water bottle.

The bottle design is modern and very sleek. It comes in several different colors and sizes, but they sent me the original one. One thing to note about the bottle before purchasing it, is that you have to have a flavor cartridge in order to use it. As you can see in the picture, the mouth piece that you drink from, is attached to the flavor pouch. Not the water bottle itself. Which makes sense from a business standpoint, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that.

With having so many flavors, the first one I chose to try was the Strawberry Kiwi. This flavor has turned out to be my favorite so far. To use the flavor cartridge's, remove the wrapping around it, and pull it out. then you place it into the huge opening at the top of the bottle, and twist. Once it is secure, you can turn the flavor dial to your preferred setting. The dial goes from one to ten. This way you can control the amount of flavor coming out, which is super convenient.

The bottle also has a small notch to let the lid sit on, that way it wont come up and smack you in the face! Cirkul really though of everything while making this bottle. The details really add up to prove it is a good quality product. I love that the flavoring isn't in the entire water bottle, that way if you do need unflavored water, turn the flavor notch to zero, or unscrew the lid and take a sip.

Another great thing I noticed, was that ice cubes fit into the top! I know that seems random, but I cannot stand a water bottle that I can't fit ice into. They do offer koozies, called chill sleeves, that keeps your water cooler for longer. I do hope to get one of those along with some different sizes and colors soon. The variety of products on their site is very appealing.

They include a small handle on the lid to be able to carry your bottle, or hook it onto a bag.

They have a few different categories of flavor cartridges. LifeSip is there standard flavors, that include essential B Vitamins. Then, they have FitSip, which has electrolytes. Their GoSips are caffeinated flavors. PureSip has all natural flavors with no added sweeteners. TeaSip has tea infused flavors with some caffeine. Lastly, they have their BrewSips. These ones are different coffee flavors! The coffee ones include seasonal flavors as well such as pumpkin spice and peppermint during the holidays.

Each flavor cartridge's lasts for six water refills while being on the medium flavor setting. So, they do last a long time. Each cartridge is about $3.75, which is super affordable. Their original bottles are $15.00, and go up from there in price as the selections differ.

The LifeSip flavors are my favorite so far because of the Strawberry Kiwi and Fruit Punch flavors I tried. I also tried their Peach Tea, and really enjoyed that one. The Mocha Iced Coffee was a little strange for me. It has a strong artificial sweetener taste in my opinion. Although, I really want to try their seasonal coffee flavors in hopes that they are better. While these are all hydrating because of how much water it allows you to consume, I think the FitSip flavors sound most appealing because the added electrolytes are adding even more benefits to your drink. Overall, they have a wide selection of different flavors for different flavor pallets!

They advertise on the packaging along with their site on how these flavors are sugar free, no calories, use natural flavoring, and have no artificial colors. All of these are huge pluses to buying from this company. Their site also states that using these allows us to use 84% less plastic, and 99% less carbon emissions from shipping! So, this water bottle is eco-friendly, which I love! They aren't perfect because of the flavor cartridge and packaging disposal, but they are way better than most water bottle options. Anything eco-friendly/sustainable is a plus in my book!

Towards the bottom of the packaging, they include a description of the flavor. They have a different description for each flavor, and they are very creative and descriptive!

It is very important to remember that these are all zero calories, carbs, and fat. This really allows anyone to be able to enjoy this products. You can indulge in these delicious flavors without worrying about the little nutrition facts! The best part about these being so healthy is that they taste great!

With all things considered, I would say this is a fantastic product. The company made sure there is an option for everyone. Whether it be options for the bottle size, color, or flavors. The Cirkul company has been very helpful and easy to work with as well. Plus, they contacted me again to send me more flavors and want to continue our partnership. I love companies that make it easy and fun to have a relationship with. I cannot wait to see what else they send me!

You can always follow me on my TikTok for updates! They have social media platforms all over so you can see updates on their company and see others reviews! I definitely recommend this eco-friendly, and flavorful water bottle!

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Summer Knowlton
Summer Knowlton
Apr 19, 2023

can i have one?

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