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Vegan cookies are always looked at to be gross or even flavorless. Well, these cookies are delicious and refreshing! Raspberry jam is the star of this show, showing off its rich flavor with a slight almond taste. The two flavors accent each other beautifully. This recipe can be made vegan or non-vegan! By changing only two ingredients!

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

This cookie recipe is easy but can be time-consuming as well. There a many steps that go into making these little treats. When you bake these cookies, pay attention to the bottoms to ensure they do not burn. You do however want them to slightly brown, they can come out a little doughy in the middle. But not to worry, they do not have any raw ingredients in them. Only the flour, but that gets baked enough when baking. The raspberry jam needs to be mixed and mashed before using it, this way it will be smooth and easier to spoon into the thumbprint craters. If you cannot find seedless jam, get the seed in one and strain out the seeds in an old-fashioned strainer. For the non-vegan recipe, simply add normal unsalted butter instead of vegan butter. The almond extract is barely there in the taste. I personally don't like almonds but love these cookies. These are perfect for elegant treats to serve at a party. Perfect for holidays like Christmas.

The Glaze

This glaze is nice and simple, with only two ingredients. For the non-vegan version of this, use whole milk instead of plant-based milk. The glaze can be used for several different recipes, so keep this one for later! This recipe actually makes a large amount of glaze, so if you are only making a half or one batch, I suggest only using half the amount of the ingredients. The best part about this is that the glaze is not too strong or overpowering. It is the perfect amount of sweetness for the cookies!

I make this recipe for my mom every Christmas since they are her favorite. The vegan and non-vegan methods are both equally satisfying. There is no difference in the taste at all. The cookies can be a little heavy, so don't eat too many! Although they are time-consuming, they are worth it. A great recipe to impress your family and friends with different and refreshing cookies! Take your time and have fun with these cookies. Make as many cute designs as you can when you drizzle that simple glaze over top!


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